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Family-Owned Business

Joe Don Baker has been an advocate for the hunting industry since his dad took him on his first hunting trip as a young boy.  He is a multi-award winning Hunting Film Festival winner, he has filmed for several top ranked hunting shows and has his own production company where he specializes in filming Veteran Hunts.  He grew up on his family farm in south-central Oklahoma on land that is still being farmed today.

Ginger Baker grew up on a horse and cattle farm and has always been passionate about animals.  She is well known in the horse industry for training horses,- especially 'problem' horses.  Her family still raises cattle on the same farm she grew up on, and she stays active in the cattle industry.

With their combined knowledge of livestock, and dedication to the animals in their care- Loud Mountain AXIS has been a labor of love and learning.  They have collaborated AXIS genetics from leading ranches and strive to learn more daily from this exotic breed of cervid.  



Established in 2019, Loud Mountain AXIS is the first Axis-Only Farm in Oklahoma.  After years of research, LMA adapted their existing farm to accommodate AXIS.  It houses a fully heated and enclosed nursery, as well as covered fawning stalls, sorting pens and loading area.   



AXIS meat is a delicious, exotic venison.  It is healthier than chicken, and is probably most closely compared to really lean beef.  EVERYONE in the family will love the flavor, even those who don't eat "wild game."

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